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WoW Classic Sod Making Gold Skinning in Raptor Ridge and Highperch Guides



Raptor Ridge

Hey there Azerothian heroes! Let’s check out gold farming in WoW Classic for Season of Discovery. The purpose of this guide is to help you understand how to use this profitable farm located at Wetlands in Raptor Ridge or Highperch. In the end, both newbies and old timers will benefit from this guide.

Raptor Ridge Farm

Now about today’s focus: Raptor Ridge. Iron and tin deposits that spawn within this cave come alongside a quartet of solid chest spawns but the major attraction is the rare Ravasaur Matriarch, an impressive beast with valuable loot table.

Why Choose Raptor Ridge?

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense to choose this place:

1. A number of different spots where iron deposit is found allows maximizing mining benefits gained.

2. For example, some of the items Ravasaur Matriarch drops include Jurassic Wristguards which are hot commodities during phase one.

3. Skinners can have access to many raptors around the cave who provide them with constant income.

What You Get from Ravasaur Matriarch Loot Table

For instance, numerous Jurassic Wristguards can be dropped by The Ravasaur Matriarch due to their quite high chance on her loot table as well as she has a very low respawn time overall. These bracers are highly sought after by hunters and rogues who appreciate their agility and strength stats. They go for up to 40 gold each currently on my server with spikes going up to 100 gold.

Farming Methods

Several ways to maximize your gold per hour at Raptor Ridge include:

Method 1: Login every three hours then check out for the rare spawn, chest or mining nodes.

Method 2: Use a stealth character like rogue to build instances of the cave through layer swappping so much so that they are plentiful.

Method 3: Skinners can farm raptors continuously for consistent gold income while waiting for the rare mob.

Professions to Maximize Profits

Mining and Skinning are the best combination of professions for this farm. Mining will help you obtain valuable heavy stones from iron veins, while skinning will give you leather and hides that always sell well.

Market Value

These Jurassic Wristguards often have a high market value selling above the regional average. But I must say, there are customers who are willing to pay extra Gold for an edge over anyone else when it comes to gear.

Introducing Highperch Gold Farm

Concentrates on one of the most Farming WoW Classic SoD Gold spots in Thousand Needles located at Highperch. We target the Hyena Von mobs here. These mobs will hyper spawn because they are tied to an escort quest or an egg collecting quest. The faster you kill them, the faster they reappear; hence a constant flow of mobs.

Why Highperch?

These mobs not only come in large numbers but also have high levels which improve the chances of them dropping valuable green and blue items. For my first hour I got six greens – remember though, it’s all RNG. You may get none or you might get several blues in quick succession. Another great source of income is heavy leather farming which these mobs are really good for.

Why High Perch is Great for Horde Players

High Perch is a very good destination or Horde players to visit because it is easy to reach and there are a lot of Hych Von mobs that spawn there. These mobs are linked to a quest which makes them cause a hyper spawn scenario – faster you kill, the quicker they will respawn. There can be several players in the area, providing enough room for group farming.

What You Can Expect: Loot and Skinning

The high-level and quick-respawning mobs at High Perch improve your chances of getting valuable blue and green items. Although RNG can play as a spoiler, you will have an excellent catch of these. Moreover, these mobs may be skinned for heavy leather making the whole operation even more lucrative.

Vendor Loot and Auction House Sales

Other than their rare drops, these mobs also down thousands of gray items such as ‘Bright Eyeball’ vending at a reasonable price. An hour spent farming nets around two gold vendorgold in vendor items alone. Heavy leather sold on the Auction houses would fetch a decent amount depending on the server economy.

Before You Begin Farming

For maximum efficiency come equipped with:

Have enough space in your bags for loot and skins.

Bring potions or food for healing and regen purposes.

Think about joining forces with other gamers in order to maximize the spawn rate of mobs and withstand more opposing forces.


Raptor Ridge is an excellent farm place with chances of big ticket items coupled with consistent Gold through mining as well as skinning. This guide will help you choose whether to go online sometimes or full time farm ensuring you know what you’re doing when it comes to gold making in WoW Classic’s Season of Discovery.

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Raptor Ridge

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