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How Does Snap Score Work on Snapchat? How to Increase it in 2024



how does snap score work

Snapchat, a popular social media platform known for its ephemeral messaging and multimedia features, utilizes a unique scoring system called Snap Score. This score, often displayed prominently on user profiles, has intrigued and sometimes puzzled Snapchat users since its introduction. This article delves into how Snap Score works, its significance, and strategies to increase it in 2024.

Understanding Snap Score

Snap Score is essentially a numerical representation of a user’s activity and engagement on Snapchat. It is not publicly explained by Snapchat, but through user experimentation and observation, several factors influencing Snap Score have been identified:

  • Sent and Received Snaps: The number of snaps a user sends and receives contributes significantly to their Snap Score. Each snap sent or received adds points to the score, indicating active engagement.
  • Stories: Posting Stories on Snapchat also affects Snap Score. Regularly updating Stories indicates active use of the platform and contributes positively to the score.
  • Chats: Engaging in chats with other users, either through direct messages or group chats, contributes to Snap Score. More frequent and interactive chats can increase the score.
  • Use of Features: Interactions with various features like filters, lenses, Bitmojis, and Snapchat’s Discover section can also influence Snap Score. Exploring and using these features regularly shows active engagement.

How to Find Your Snap Score

Locating your Snap Score on Snapchat is straightforward:

  1. Profile Icon: Tap on your profile icon or Bitmoji in the top left corner of the main screen to access your profile.
  2. Snap Score: Your Snap Score is displayed next to your username on your profile page. It appears as a number, which represents your total score based on your activity.

Strategies to Increase Your Snap Score in 2024

Increasing your Snap Score can be a goal for many Snapchat users, whether for personal satisfaction or friendly competition. Here are some effective strategies to boost your Snap Score:

1. Send and Receive Snaps Regularly
  • Actively sending snaps to friends and responding to snaps you receive increases your engagement and consequently your Snap Score. Aim to maintain consistent communication through snaps.
2. Post Stories Frequently
  • Updating your Snapchat Story regularly with photos, videos, or text posts shows active use of the platform. This contributes positively to your Snap Score, reflecting ongoing engagement.
3. Engage in Chats
  • Initiating and responding to chats with friends on Snapchat boosts your interaction level. Engaging in meaningful conversations through chats can steadily increase your Snap Score over time.
4. Explore Snapchat Features
  • Use Snapchat’s features such as filters, lenses, Bitmojis, and the Discover section regularly. Each interaction with these features adds to your overall engagement and helps in increasing your Snap Score.
5. Maintain Consistency
  • Consistency is key to increasing your Snap Score. Regularly using Snapchat and engaging with its features ensures a steady accumulation of points over time. Make Snapchat a part of your daily social media routine.
6. Avoid Spamming or Gaming the System
  • While it’s tempting to send numerous snaps or artificially inflate your score, Snapchat’s algorithms can detect unusual patterns. Focus on genuine interaction and avoid spamming to maintain a healthy and legitimate Snap Score.

The Significance of Snap Score

Snap Score serves multiple purposes within the Snapchat ecosystem:

  • Social Status: For many users, Snap Score acts as a form of social currency or status symbol. A higher Snap Score may indicate active participation and popularity within the platform.
  • Gamification: The scoring system gamifies engagement on Snapchat, encouraging users to interact more frequently and explore different features to increase their score.
  • Privacy Considerations: While Snap Score is visible on your profile, Snapchat maintains a level of privacy regarding the exact calculations and algorithms used. This ensures that users focus on engagement rather than gaming the system purely for score accumulation.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

Despite its straightforward concept, Snap Score has sparked various myths and misconceptions among users:

  • Snap Streaks: While maintaining a Snap Streak (continuous snaps exchanged daily) with a friend does contribute to both users’ Snap Scores, the impact is limited compared to overall activity across the platform.
  • Score Decrease: Contrary to some beliefs, your Snap Score does not decrease if you take a break from using Snapchat. It remains cumulative and continues to increase based on your activity when you return.
  • Exact Calculation: The exact formula for calculating Snap Score remains undisclosed by Snapchat, leading to speculation and theories among users about specific actions’ point values.


Understanding how Snap Score works on Snapchat involves recognizing its role as a measure of engagement and activity within the platform. By sending and receiving snaps, posting Stories, engaging in chats, and exploring Snapchat features, users can actively increase their Snap Score over time. While the scoring system adds a layer of gamification to Snapchat’s user experience, it also underscores the platform’s emphasis on regular and meaningful interaction among its community. As Snapchat evolves and introduces new features, the strategies for increasing Snap Score may adapt, but the core principles of engagement and activity will remain fundamental to its calculation.

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