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Clevo NH70 Complete Review And Features



Clevo NH70

Welcome to our complete review of the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop! If you are an avid gamer or someone looking for a powerful and reliable laptop, then you’ve come to the right place. The Clevo NH70 is packed with impressive specifications and features that will take your gaming experience to new heights. 

From its sleek design to exceptional performance capabilities, we’ll dive into every aspect of this gaming beast. So, let’s buckle up and explore why the Clevo NH70 deserves a spot on your wish list!

Specifications and Features of the Clevo NH70

The Clevo NH70 comes with a powerful 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor that ensures smooth and lag-free performance. Combined with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, this laptop can handle even the most demanding games without breaking a sweat.

When it comes to storage, the Clevo NH70 offers multiple options. You can choose between SSD or HDD configurations, providing ample space for all your games, files, and multimedia content. The inclusion of an NVMe M.2 slot allows for lightning-fast data transfer speeds.

One standout feature of the Clevo NH70 is its impressive display. The 17.3-inch Full HD IPS panel delivers vibrant colors and sharp visuals, making gaming sessions truly immersive. And with an anti-glare coating, you won’t have to worry about annoying reflections distracting you from gameplay.

In terms of connectivity options, the Clevo NH70 has got you covered. It features USB Type-C ports for fast data transfer and external display support, along with HDMI and mini DisplayPort outputs for additional monitor connections.

To enhance your gaming experience further, this laptop also boasts a backlit keyboard that enables easy typing in low-light environments while adding a touch of style to its overall aesthetics.

The specifications and features offered by the Clevo NH70 make it an excellent choice for gamers who value performance and versatility in their laptops.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to the design and build quality, the Clevo NH70 does not disappoint. The laptop features a slim profile and a brushed metal finish, giving it an elegant look. 

The keyboard is backlit with customizable RGB lighting, adding a touch of flair. In terms of durability, the Clevo NH70 is built to last. 

It feels solid and well-constructed, with no flex or creaking when pressure is applied. The hinge mechanism allows for smooth opening and closing of the lid without any wobbling.

The display on the Clevo NH70 is equally impressive. With its 17-inch Full HD IPS panel, colors are vibrant and accurate, while viewing angles are wide. Whether you’re gaming or watching movies, you’ll be treated to sharp visuals.

Portability-wise, the Clevo NH70 strikes a good balance between size and weight. While it may not be as lightweight as some ultrabooks on the market, it’s still relatively easy to carry around for short distances.

Performance and Gaming Capabilities

When it comes to performance and gaming capabilities, the Clevo NH70 does not disappoint. Whether you’re editing videos, running multiple applications simultaneously, or playing graphics-intensive games, the NH70 delivers smooth and lag-free performance.

Equipped with a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, this laptop provides impressive visuals and fluid gameplay. 

You can enjoy all your favorite AAA titles in high settings without any noticeable drop in frame rates. The GPU also supports VR technology for those who want to dive into virtual reality experiences.

With up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM and support for SSD storage options, the NH70 ensures fast boot times and quick loading of games and applications. You won’t have to wait long for your system to start up or levels to load – everything happens in a matter of seconds.

The 17.3-inch Full HD display offers vivid colors and sharp details, enhancing your gaming experience further. The anti-glare coating helps reduce eye strain during extended gaming sessions.

Clevo NH70 Battery Life and Portability

Clevo NH70 is not only known for its powerful performance and impressive gaming capabilities, but it also excels in terms of battery life and portability. With a 48Wh lithium-ion battery, this gaming laptop can keep up with your demanding tasks without constantly searching for an outlet.

The Clevo NH70 offers decent battery life that allows you to work or game on the go without worrying about running out of power too quickly. It can last around 5-6 hours under light usage conditions like web browsing or document editing, which is quite impressive for a gaming laptop of this caliber.

The sleek design and slim profile make it easy to carry around in a backpack or travel bag. Whether you’re heading to a LAN party or simply want to take your gaming experience on the road, the Clevo NH70 won’t disappoint when it comes to convenience and mobility.

While the Clevo NH70 may not be as lightweight as some ultrabooks or thin-and-light laptops out there, its respectable battery life combined with its manageable weight makes it a suitable choice for gamers.

Comparison with other gaming laptops in the market

When it comes to gaming laptops, the market is flooded with options. Each brand promises top-notch performance and impressive features. But how does the Clevo NH70 stack up against its competitors?

One of the standout features of the Clevo NH70 is its powerful processor and graphics card combination. With an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti, this laptop can handle even the most demanding games without breaking a sweat.

Another aspect worth mentioning is the display quality. The Clevo NH70 boasts a 17.3-inch Full HD IPS display that delivers stunning visuals with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you’re immersing yourself in a virtual world or editing high-resolution videos, this laptop’s screen won’t disappoint.

The keyboard on the Clevo NH70 also deserves recognition. It provides a comfortable typing experience thanks to its well-spaced keys and satisfying key travel distance. Plus, with customizable RGB lighting options, you can personalize your gaming setup to match your style.

While there are other gaming laptops on the market offering similar specifications, what sets the Clevo NH70 apart is its competitive price point. Compared to some of its rivals from popular brands like Alienware or ASUS ROG series, this laptop offers excellent value for money without compromising on performance or build quality.

When considering purchasing a gaming laptop in today’s competitive market landscape, it’s essential to weigh factors like performance capabilities, design aesthetics,and affordability – which makes the Clevo NH70 an attractive option worth considering!

Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to gauge the true performance and user satisfaction of a product is by looking at customer reviews. When it comes to the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop, customers have had mixed opinions.

Some users rave about the powerful graphics capabilities and smooth gameplay experience that this laptop offers. They appreciate its sleek design and solid build quality, making it perfect for both work and play. The high-resolution display also receives praise for its vibrant colors and sharp visuals.

On the other hand, some customers have reported issues with overheating during intense gaming sessions. This can lead to reduced performance or even system crashes in extreme cases. While Clevo has addressed these concerns through software updates and improved cooling mechanisms, it’s important to consider your usage needs before investing in this device.

Customer reviews highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop. It’s crucial to carefully analyze these opinions when making a purchasing decision, ensuring that you choose a laptop that aligns with your specific requirements.

Is it Worth Buying?

After exploring the specifications, features, design, performance, and customer reviews of the Clevo NH70 gaming laptop, it’s time to answer the burning question – is it worth buying?

The answer depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re a gamer looking for a powerful machine that can handle demanding games with ease, then the Clevo NH70 is definitely worth considering. 

With its 9th generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card, you can expect smooth gameplay and stunning visuals. It’s also important to consider your budget when deciding on whether to purchase the Clevo NH70. 

While it offers impressive specs and features at a competitive price point compared to other gaming laptops in its class, there may be more affordable options available depending on your budget constraints.

It comes down to personal preference and priorities. If you value performance above all else and are willing to compromise slightly on portability and battery life for an immersive gaming experience at a reasonable price point – then yes! The Clevo NH70 is definitely worth buying.

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Clevo NH70

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